Incarcerated Rhythm (2018, 80-min, US)
Incarcerated Rhythm is my feature directorial debut. The film focuses on the re-entry journey and the integration process of the men back into society. The film follows six men – Andre, Ali, Ray, David, Felix and Casper, during their first few years free after each spent over a decade learning modern dance in a federal prison in New York, the only program of its kind in the US. Now free, they have to navigate old relationships, secure a job, and decide whether to continue dancing or move on. 

Six men who have been in prison for many years join a dance rehabilitation program that has never been tested before in the prison system. Upon their release, they discover that the “rhythm of freedom” is harder to find than the “rhythm of incarceration”


  • World Premiere and the Winner of Mira Nair Award at the 13th Annual International Harlem Film Festival 2018, New York
  • Official Selection of the 32nd Annual Edmonton International Film Festival 2018, Canada
  • Official Selection of the Bucharest Film Awards 2018, Romania
  • Official Selection of the Portland Film Festival 2018, USA
  • Semi-finalist at the Courage Film Festival 2018
  • Winner, Award of Merit, The Accolade Global Film Competition (MAY 2018)

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