INCARCERATED RHYTHM is a feature length documentary in progress that chronicles the lives of six formerly incarcerated men who were recently released as they attempt to reenter society and begin a new life, not just as former prisoners, but as confident and skilled modern dancers and members of a dance company called Figures-In-Flight Released. 

This film, produced by Indrani Kopal and Derek Burrows, features Jecoina Vinson (Casper), David Montalvo, Andre Kelley (Ali), Ray Brito, Andre Noel, Felix Machado and Susan Slotnick.

The World Premiere of Incarcerated Rhythm was held at the 13th Annual Harlem International Film Festival (Hi) 2018 on Saturday, May 5th, at 2:20pm at the AMC Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem, New York. The screening was followed by a Q & A. Cast and crew was in attendance.